What’s Cookin?

Its winter and we’re spending more time inside our homes.  Friends and family gather for the holidays.  And your kitchen is a focal point of these festive gatherings.  If your kitchen needs a makeover, here are some things to consider:


Today’s kitchens are increasingly part of an open-floor plan and there is a move towards simplicity, energy efficiency, and natural materials.  Check out the helpful Kitchen Planner by the National Kitchen and Bath Association which is available as a free download.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • What is currently working and not working in your kitchen?  How will you use the kitchen? Do you like to cook and entertain in your kitchen?  Is there more than one cook in your house? Does your kitchen need to serve as a multi-purpose area –friends gather and relax, kids do homework, etc?
  • Take inventory of everything you need to store and the efficiency of the kitchen layout.  Cabinet makers are focused on organization and streamlining how you use your cabinetry so there are thousands of options to meet your requirements.  You’ve probably heard of the Kitchen Triangle – stove, fridge and sink at the points of the triangle – we can help you with various layouts that can make the space organized and efficient to use, taking into consideration specialty appliances, islands, work stations and more.
  • What’s your budget? NKBA says you can expect cabinetry and hardware to run about 29% of your investment, appliances and ventilation can be 14%, countertops typically run 10%, and installation is about 17% of the total project cost. Set aside 10% or 20% of your budget for contingencies.

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