Transparent Pricing & Communication Builds Confident Customers

Building a custom home can be an emotional experience. At Timberlake, we do our best to make sure those emotions are all happy anticipation, and a deep sense of satisfaction. One way we do that is to provide as much communication as possible, particularly when it comes to pricing.

While we don’t like surprises, we know you like them even less, at least when it comes to building a home.

Whether you have a lot to build on, have identified land you may buy, or want our help finding the right property, we’re here to work with you to get as close to the vision of your dream home as possible. More importantly, we are consistently clear about the cost to achieve your dream from the first time we meet you until the final touches are complete.

Clear Communication for Budgeting

When we first walk a lot with you, whether you already own it or are considering purchasing it, our team of experts will come up with a budget for the sitework that includes all the fees required by local jurisdictions for a house to be built. We know you have a budget in mind for your custom home and we want to be as clear as possible about some of the costs you may not have considered.

Our free lot evaluation results in an estimate that includes county permitting fees, fees for a sewer or water hook-up as needed, along with impact fees that are common requirements to help communities pay for road improvements, schools, and first responders as the local population increases. All of those items get built into our sitework budget and you get a full explanation of every cost. We’re transparent, so we don’t just give you a ballpark idea. We will show you the costs and we will show you our margin.

Cost Plus Contracts

Our careful planning results in the most accurate budget possible for our clients. We think it’s a disservice to you if you don’t have a solid estimate of site prep, construction, and materials costs. It’s better to plan for costs to come in higher than to get stuck needing additional funds partway through your project.

To be clear, you don’t risk overspending if costs come in lower than expected. That’s because we work only with “cost plus” contracts. That means we’ll keep accurate records of every expense from the first day until the last day of building your custom home. You’ll pay only the expenses we incur, plus the fee that we disclose at the beginning of every contract. If costs come in lower than anticipated, you get a refund.

Most of our buyers finance their homes with a “construction-to-permanent” loan. Their initial deposit is used for the site engineering phase of the custom home process. Then the permit and impact fees and the site work gets paid by the construction loan.

Transparent Pricing for Every Customer

In the preconstruction process, we provide cost estimates and updates to every customer. During construction, we let you know immediately if anything changes, particularly if this will impact your expenses. Occasionally, the price will change on materials, or perhaps an appliance is out of stock, and you want to choose a different one.

We have weekly meetings with our entire team to discuss the details of every project. You get a weekly update, too. As competitive bids come in for each aspect of the work, each one is carefully reviewed by purchasing or the land and engineering team to ensure your budgeted funds are spent properly and judiciously in your project’s best interest.  

With transparent pricing, we share our costs with you throughout the building process. We don’t hide any extra fees or have any special markups. You’ll know our fee from the very beginning of our relationship.

But you don’t have to rely completely on trust – although we do everything in our power to earn that trust. We take the extra step to provide you with a copy of every bill when your job is complete. That way you can see in writing what was spent to turn your vision into reality.

At Timberlake, we’re a lean but effective team. Every team member actively manages every home. Our process has worked for us for 60 years and we’re looking forward to continuing to communicate with our customers for 60 more.