There’s An App for That!

How many people have keys to your home? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grant access to your family, house cleaners, house sitter, or visitors without giving them an actual key? Technology exists today that allows homeowners to open doors remotely using wireless technology.

Kwikset Kevo Lock – Say Goodbye to Your Keys

With technological advances moving at light speed, there’s little we can’t do with our Smartphones and tablets. Whether ordering dinner, posting to Facebook or paying a bill; there’s an app for that. The introduction of products from Kwikset (powered by UniKey) technology for your house just eliminated the need for that old-fashioned key!

Picture this: It’s been a long day and you’re finally home. You enter your garage, lost in the soundtrack of your day, coming from your iPhone. Unloading bags of groceries from your trunk you realize your keys are in your purse. No worries! With the Kwikset technology enabled on your smartphone, you can unlock the door without breaking a sweat!!

This might be a great item to add to your next whole house remodel or anytime you’d like a little more peace of mind. Read more here.