What’s Cookin?

Its winter and we’re spending more time inside our homes.  Friends and family gather for the holidays.  And your kitchen is a focal point of these festive gatherings.  If your kitchen needs a makeover, here are some things to consider: YOUR ULTIMATE KITCHEN Today’s kitchens are increasingly part of an open-floor plan and there is … Read more

Get More Return on Your Remodeling Investment with Upscale Cabinetry and Countertops

Some remodeling projects can increase your home’s value more than others. Upscale cabinets and countertops make your kitchen or bathroom look incredible and can also give you substantially more return on your remodeling investment. Upscale Cabinetry Cabinets come in numerous different styles and types, but what separates most cabinets from the rest is their quality. … Read more

Check Out the Resources Below to Get More Valuable Home Renovation Tips and Ideas

Are you ready for a new home without the move? Let Timberlake Design|Build help you with your custom home remodeling project. We have transformed countless Maryland homes with expert upscale renovation projects. Check out this U.S. News & World Report article to learn the five best and five worst investments you can make for a … Read more

5 Popular Home Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Instead of moving to new homes, many families are choosing to look at custom home remodels as the preferred option to give them the home of their dreams without breaking the bank.  In order to transform your home from bland to spectacular, you can choose from a few popular home renovation projects or do a … Read more

Find More Information About Kitchen Remodeling and the Deconstruction/Reconstruction Process

Before diving into your home renovation project, it’s important to carefully consider what you’re hoping for in the final result. You can find great tips and helpful suggestions online if you know which reliable websites to turn to. To find more information about kitchen remodeling and the process of deconstruction and reconstruction, be sure to … Read more

Creating the Perfect Kitchen Lighting Scheme

These days, kitchens serve as major social centers in the home where guests can come and enjoy your company as well as the beautiful results of your kitchen remodel. As this video points out, lighting plays an important part in enhancing the appearance and function of your kitchen. When planning your kitchen lighting scheme, incorporate … Read more