Rooms With a View

Hais residence sunroom

Hard to believe, but it’s already August! It’s one of our favorite months, and even though it brings us closer to the imminent conclusion of summer, it’s got us thinking…

What do we love most about summertime? Bare feet, baseball, campfires, long days, sleeping porches, fireflies…our list could go on and on! And thinking about the spirit of the season brings to mind how fortunate we are to work on home design and remodeling projects in some really beautiful settings.

We wholeheartedly believe that just because you’re inside your home that shouldn’t preclude you from enjoying the light, natural beauty, and tranquility that comes from bringing the outdoors, in. Creating fabulous indoor-outdoor spaces is something Timberlake Design/Build loves to do. And whether windows and doors are open or closed, we extend the beauty of your natural surroundings into your living space for year-round enjoyment.

Murphy residence exterior front

What do you love most about summer? And how could you re-envision your space to enjoy more of it?