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On Your Lot

Discover the Advantages of Building On Your Lot.

You can take advantage of our “On Your Lot” program in many counties throughout Central and Southern Maryland and Delaware. Whether you have a floor plan or are just starting out with a few ideas, we can help you through the process of designing and building your new home.

Explore our Video Series on the On Your Lot Design Process here:

Approval Process
Selections Process Video Link
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Financing Your Dream Home Video Link

We can build one of our award-winning & customizable floor plans on the homesite and location of your choice, or we can help you design & build your dream custom home from the ground up.

1. Understanding Your Needs

During the initial meeting we will:

  • Identify the aspects of your new home that you particularly care about, as well as the ones that are less important to you.
  • Review your property, or one of ours, to confirm build requirements/limitations/needs
  • Discuss our home design floorplans and which best meets your needs
  • Outline the building process and what to expect
  • Discuss your financing options and provide you with referrals to help you secure the right construction/permanent financing for your unique situation. (You are not required to use one of our recommended lenders.)

2. Property Visit & House Type Selection

This meeting will occur at your homesite where we will:

  • Evaluate and discuss site conditions
  • Finalize your home floorplan and confirm the exterior elevation
  • Review customization and architectural requirements of your chosen plan

Pricing, based on engineering/site work and your home design and structural options, will be provided after this meeting.

3. Sales Agreement

Once decisions have been made we can execute a Sales Agreement and close on the construction loan.

4. Site and Plan Preparation/Permitting

We will conduct a final review of the site and architectural plans with you prior to submission for permitting.

You will visit our Design Center to meet with a member of our design team to finalize interior finishes and selections.

5. Construction Begins

Once your permit is received you will meet your Project Manager on-site to conduct a final review of your house plans and the selection package. Construction begins with excavation and foundation. Prior to the installation of drywall, you will meet again to confirm that your home is being built in accordance with the architectural plans and your selections.

The average construction time is approximately 4 months. Custom home properties may take longer depending on the complexity of the design.

6. Completion / Occupancy / Move-in Date

When your new home is complete, you will:

  • Meet with your production team for an orientation to your new home
  • Learn about your home’s features, systems and maintenance requirements and warranties

Floor Plans

Beautiful floor plans in Maryland & Delaware.

Explore our wide portfolio of new home floor plans to find the home design that meets your lifestyle needs. From estate homes to ranch homes, luxury townhomes, villas, and everything between, we have the design for your dream home.

What Our Customers Say

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Financing to achieve your new home dream.

Timberlake is proud to align with some of the best mortgage financing specialists serving clients in Maryland and Delaware. We trust that these experienced and qualified associates will treat you with the same respect and care that we are known for.

Available Land

Finding the perfect homesite.

We currently build custom homes, undertake whole house or large-scale renovations (Maryland locations only) and offer On Your Lot building programs in Central Maryland and throughout Delaware. Schedule your appointment to get started today.

We invite you to explore our Land/Home Package Opportunities in the location of your choice. Please contact us to discuss a homesite you own or are considering purchasing.

Looking for a homesite? Start here!

If you’re just starting the process and looking for a lot on which to build your dream home, we invite you to use our Property Search tool to explore “Lots & Land” or homes that you could purchase as a Tear-Down or Whole Home Renovation.

On Your Lot FAQs

How do we know if our land is buildable?

Timberlake Design/Build provides a free lot assessment, to help you understand the costs of building on your lot and to determine if further testing is needed.

What if I don’t have land?

Most of our customers don’t have land when they first come to us. Timberlake Design/Build is here to help with contacts throughout the area that update us on available land. We can help get you started on your search based on where you want to live, and whether you want to live in a neighborhood or out in the country. We have the resources, and we’re just a click or a phone call away. Visit our Property Search page to get started.

What do I need to know before buying land to build a home?

Before buying land to build a home, there are a few things you should ask:

  1. Is the lot heavily treed? The more we need to remove, the more expensive the cost.
  2. Does the lot have public water and sewer service or is it well and septic? If septic, when was the last Perc test done?
  3. Do you have a copy of the lot’s plat? This will provide potential easements and building restrictions that will affect the project.

I want to build a home, where do I start?

Schedule a time with Timberlake Design/Build to discuss our On Your Lot and Custom Home programs including pricing and standard features. During the initial meeting we will:

  • Identify the aspects of your new home that you particularly care about.
  • Review your property to confirm build requirements/limitations/needs.
  • Discuss our home design floorplans and which best meet your needs.
  • Outline the building process and what to expect.
  • Discuss your financing options and provide you with referrals to help you secure the right construction/permanent financing for your unique situation. (You are not required to use one of our recommended lenders.)

What are the differences between building a new home in a community and building on my own lot?

Building on your own lot offers more flexibility and customization, but it can be more expensive because the builder doesn’t have the savings derived from economies of scale in the same community. The pricing structures are very different, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

What is included in the price?

The initial cost of the lot, plus site work to prepare it for construction, plus the cost of building the house, with your structural options and design options, is what goes into the final price. Site work expenses include such things as permitting, engineering, water and sewer, construction entrance, stormwater management, sediment and erosion controls, and a driveway.

The price does not include a percolation test. It is the responsibility of the seller or buyer to pay for the perc test.  Perc tests calculate the rate of absorption of liquid waste. If the perc test comes back negative, there might be an alternate system to correct the problem, but this would require additional costs.

Can you provide a ballpark price?

We do not offer ballpark or per square foot pricing. We provide specific pricing that is accurate and helpful. We do more work for you to provide a complete estimate, whereas other builders may only disclose a fraction of the overall price.

Can you guarantee the price? Will there be any uncertainty about the final cost?

We can guarantee the price after we perform an engineered feasibility study. This study occurs before you are required to take ownership of land or enter the building phase. The information gathered helps you avoid additional costs.

In what localities do you offer the Build On Your Lot program?

In general, the On Your Lot program is available within one hour of our Corporate Offices in Annapolis, MD. Speak with our team if you have any questions about any particular locale. 

What is the timeline for building a home on my lot?

The process is broken down into milestone events that dictate the construction timeline. In general, and from the date we receive a permit for work to commence, we expect most properties to be complete within 14 weeks. But do keep in mind that this timeline can be affected by many variances such as weather, supply chain/product delays/substitutions, and the permitting process.

Phase One includes:

  • Feasibility study, and initial meeting 
  • Guaranteeing the price
  • Appraisal
  • Loan Settlement 

Phase two includes:

  • Architectural drafting
  • Permitting

Phase three:

  • Construction

How does financing work for Build On Your Lot?

Financing is through a Construction to Permanent Loan. Two transactions occur, one for the land and one for the home. The settlement and loan package then combines these two. Settlement on the loan occurs at the settlement of the lot, where you take possession of the property and start the construction loan concurrently. We have a list of approved lenders who specialize in this type of financing.

What restrictions exist?

The major perk of building on your own lot is that it gives you the least restrictions and the most flexibility. Our team can determine the feasibility of your desired features such as a swimming pool. In most cases, your lot will be in an area without a Homeowners Association. Some of the benefits of building on your own lot are:

  • You choose how large your property is
  • You can avoid HOA restrictions
  • You can add separate pole buildings, and/or a detached garage
  • You can park a work truck or trailer on your property
  • You can have a large garden
  • You can have additional privacy
  • You have the added prestige of a custom home
  • A custom home is a very good investment

Will you build from an architectural plan that I like?

By focusing on your unique needs, each Timberlake home is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether using architectural plans from our award-winning portfolio or working with an architect, you will see our unique expertise at work.

I’m a Realtor – How can we establish a partnership?

We will be pleased to work with you! Contact us to schedule an informational meeting with our team to discuss working in tandem with one of our Sales Managers. Partnering with Timberlake Design/Build offers you more exposure, contacts, and contracts!

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