Old and Drafty… But You Absolutely Love It?

We see this all the time.  Older homes in great neighborhoods with everything you want in a community – wonderful neighbors, convenient location, close to schools, shopping and more. But that amazing home with “great bones” is showing signs of wear and possibly costing you much more than it needs to in wasted monthly expenses.

As outdoor temperatures begin to cool, many homeowners in older residences are anticipating the escalation of their heating bills to compensate for chillier days and nights. Mounting energy costs are a key element in why many Timberlake Design/Build clients choose to renovate, making their homes not only more comfortable for their current lifestyle, but more energy efficient.  Some of these homes may have had no change to their mechanical systems in over 20 years!  Yikes!! That’s enough to put a chill in the air, just thinking about it!  The fact is, older systems are significantly less efficient than units available today. And, let’s not forget the gaps and cracks in a foundation, walls, roof, doors, windows, and especially “holes” in the attic floor that can contribute to increased energy costs by allowing conditioned air to leak outside.

Need that sweater yet??

The reality is that newly-constructed homes tend to be more efficient than older homes with respect to energy use, particularly as measured on a per square foot basis. Upgrading your older existing home to include more energy-efficient features can save you money.

We’d be happy to come out and review how an energy-efficient remodel can enhance your life and your wallet!  Give us a call – we’ll bring the hot chocolate!!

hands with mittens hold a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in it