Meet the Architect: Jayson Thoemke, AIA LEED AP

They say that God is in the details.  In the process of home design, it’s the architect who does the detailing. Check out this video outlining the architectural process by Jayson Thoemke, AIA of Thoemke Architecture:

Schematic Phase

Based on your likes/dislikes, here’s where the overall concept for your new home is determined.

Design/Development Phase

Now we flesh out the details – the interior, floor plans, elevations and how the whole project will go together.

Documents Phase

Your chance to finalize things.  Documents are created which will be used for the permitting process and by your builder to bid on your project.

Construction Phase

FINALLY!!!  We’re at that exciting moment when the building of your home commences.

Post-Construction Phase

Review and final inspection prior to the completion of the project to ensure it meets your standards.

This list makes renovating or building a new home look like an easy process, doesn’t it?  You know better – and so does Timberlake Design/Build! While it is a complicated process, we work alongside your architect doing what we can to smooth it out into manageable steps. We believe that an informed client is our best client so we’ll guide you the entire way and in the end, you’ll love your new home!