Your Land – Your Home: Factors to Consider When Shopping for Property for New Home Construction

looking from above two men looking at construction plans

Finding the perfect plot of land for your new custom home can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have all the considerations of what the inside of your new house will look like, but you also need to find the perfect location that provides you with the view you desire, the layout you want, and the space you need. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a suitable piece of land to develop; including:

Architectural Plans

One of the major considerations for new home construction is whether you’ll be working with an architect to design a full custom home or if you will be working from a set of pre-existing plans supplied by your builder.  You’ll need to know some initial budget requirements and make a comprehensive list of your critical wants and needs. Having a clear initial picture can help you determine the appropriate lot size, shape, and location.  Timberlake has over a dozen models of homes to choose from and we are more than happy to work with you to customize the floor plan to meet your specific needs and design goals.

Home Size and Placement

The expected footprint of your new home will play a large part in dictating the overall size and shape of a suitable piece of land to build on.  House orientation is something else to consider. Perhaps you have a specific view in mind or would like certain areas of the house to receive more or less sun during certain parts of the day – this will require you to lay out rooms accordingly. You will also want to have enough breathing room outside of your home, so be sure to choose property with adequate outdoor space for future expansion plans. Also consider how manageable the surrounding terrain will be to develop if you plan to add a patio, deck, addition or perhaps even a detached garage.

Site Development and Fees

The work involved to develop a virgin piece of land and install the new infrastructure required can have a significant impact on the bottom line cost to build a home on your own piece of land.  Some questions that need to be addressed include: 1) Does the local municipality assess impact fees for new residential construction and if so, how much are they? 2) Is the area serviced by public water and sewer? 3) Is the site sloped and how much grading will be involved to level out the home site? 4)  What will be required in terms of onsite sediment control and stormwater management both during and after construction?

At Timberlake Building & Renovations, we can help you with a custom-built home while overcoming any site development or other construction challenges. We have the experience and the education to work with any kind of lot and home design. Learn why we are Maryland’s preferred custom home builder when you call us at (443) 837-3105.