Flooring Options to Consider for Your New or Renovated Home

ceramic tile floor

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of any home’s interior design. Choosing the right flooring for each room during a custom home building or renovation project can add elegance, class, beauty, and stunning visual appeal to any structure. Investing in quality, sturdy, beautiful, and stunning flooring materials will have an impact on your home’s look and value now and in the future. Talk to your general contractor about the best flooring materials available and best suited for your home renovation.

Stone Tile

Natural stone is one of the most classic flooring options a homeowner can choose. Slate, limestone, marble, and granite are all very popular choices because of their stunning appearance, easy maintenance, lasting durability, and classic appeal. Stone tile flooring is great for kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas in particular because of its ability to withstand spills, water, and other repeated use.

Ceramic Tile

Well-made, beautifully crafted ceramic tiles are a great way to achieve many different looks in your custom home remodeling or building project. Popular options for the kitchen include terra cotta, wood-look, and patterned options. For the bathroom, many Maryland homeowners love the classic feel of vintage-inspired black and white tiles. Choosing the right ceramic tiles for your home’s kitchen or bathroom can create the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors are one of the most beloved, classic, and appreciated looks for any home. New trends in home design also have brought similar materials and looks to light. Bamboo flooring, reclaimed and engineered wood flooring, and other options can add a unique modern look to your home. Although some types of wood flooring may require special care and cleaning to keep pristine, using this material for your home renovation or construction in any room of your home will add elegance and value.

Whether you’re building the home of your dreams or planning an exciting home renovation project, flooring is an important element to keep in mind. Timberlake Building & Renovations offers top-of-the-line flooring materials to fit any homeowners design plans.