Exterior Finishes

The right materials on the outside of your house can both distinguish it and add to its value.

The exterior finish is a home’s first impression, a greeting to neighbors and visitors, and a mark of the homeowner’s taste and style. Making the right choices in cladding, roofing, trim, and hardscaping can protect your home and add to its value.

Trends nowadays are toward minimalism, neutral palettes, simple lines, and natural elements. Your professional homebuilder’s design team can help think through the choices so that the materials suit the style of the home and enhance its overall appeal and worth.

Today’s exterior finishes and systems offer a high level of performance. They combine good looks with durability—being tougher and more weather-resistant. Their improved quality is better able to retain paints and stains and resist warping, cracking, and delamination, reducing maintenance work and repair costs. They also are more energy-efficient than older products.

Modern manufacturers typically offer various colors, textures, and forms within the same general category of products. Manufacturers of products such as roofing and siding may even partner with each other to promote compatible combinations across product types.

In a community setting, the range of available choices allows homeowners to select exterior finish combinations that express their desired style while simultaneously complying with codes, covenants, and regulations. For instance, homeowners can select from a harmonious array of asphalt or clay tile roofing so that roofs along the same street are cohesive without being exactly the same. The result is a return to the varied streetscapes of historic neighborhoods that are held in high regard.

Another exterior finish element to consider is hardscaping. Recent years have demonstrated the need for comfortable, well-designed outside living spaces. Durable, low-maintenance hardscaping such as retaining walls, patios, and gazebos will improve the value of any home. Manufactured stone products are comfortable to bare feet, and water-permeable pavers help recharge the ground.

A professional homebuilding company has the expertise to help you determine the best options to suit your wishes and lifestyle and to ensure lasting value and timeless curb appeal.