Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners When Planning a Large-Scale Remodel

If you are considering a large-scale addition or remodel for your home, take the time to research and prepare for the project you really want. Undertaking a large-scale remodel or renovation without a reasonable understanding of what you want can lead to problems. Homeowners often make these common mistakes when planning large-scale remodels.

Schomig residence kitchen
Schomig residence kitchen

Rushing into a Remodel

Adding a large addition or changing a significant portion of your home without taking the time to consider what you really want is a recipe for disaster. Completing a successful renovation project depends on establishing a clear and long-term plan with your contractor. Large-scale remodels can take a while, and improvisation can lead to a final product that doesn’t suit your needs. Be sure and construct a plan with an eye on the final vision for your home.

Remodeling Without a Reason

If your home’s construction is severely out-of-date or deteriorating, a new addition or renovation may be in order. Remodeling to increase space for a growing family or to improve your home’s safety, value and livability are good investments. Whatever the reason, your home renovation should suit some purpose. It is important to understand why your home needs a renovation and outline a renovation plan to suit those needs.

Failing to Set Reasonable Expectations

Having a timeline and a clear understanding of your expectations will help you work productively with your contractor. Large-scale renovations can take a while, but do your best to find a timeline you can work with. Don’t pressure a contractor to finish a project in an inadequate amount of time, as reliable and thorough work should always be your first priority.

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