First Impressions

The best builders know that the initial meeting is about earning your trust. A big factor in someone’s choice of a builder is their comfort with the first person they meet from the company, whether it’s the owner or a salesperson. Natural rapport is important, but gut feelings also play a role—feelings some homeowners aren’t … Read more

A Strong Finish

The quality of the paint job can make or break the look of a custom home. Many homeowners expect plumbers and electricians to be expensive but are shocked at the prices charged by other subcontractors. One example of this is the professional painting company. Although people tend to see painting as intuitive work, there’s a … Read more

Working with a Professional Builder – Does it Really Matter?

How homeowners benefit from an established builder’s systems and relationships Over the past decade, many new contractors have emerged as homebuilders. This has given homeowners more options, tempting some to choose a contractor based strictly on price. Bad idea. It’s nearly impossible to compare apples to apples when collecting competitive bids, especially for a complex … Read more

Construction Quality

As a professional builder, our company takes pride in creating high-quality homes. So we’d like our homebuyers to understand the difference between a well-built home and something less. What do we mean by “quality”? It’s not a mystery—construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for. We’ve found that the best … Read more


Your professional builder knows the best techniques and materials to keep mold at bay. We’ve all seen stories about black mold in houses, and no one wants to experience that. But even a new custom home can develop a mold problem if the builder doesn’t use the right construction practices and products. Mold is a … Read more

Exterior Finishes

The right materials on the outside of your house can both distinguish it and add to its value. The exterior finish is a home’s first impression, a greeting to neighbors and visitors, and a mark of the homeowner’s taste and style. Making the right choices in cladding, roofing, trim, and hardscaping can protect your home … Read more


Lots of homeowners are interested in this popular flooring—here’s what you need to know. Although the word “vinyl” raises some people’s eyebrows, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is actually a high-quality engineered flooring material. In recent years, LVT has become wildly popular, even among well-heeled homeowners. It’s easy to see why: with looks similar to hardwood … Read more

Who Will Build My House?

The challenge of labor makes selecting the right builder more important than ever. Homeowners are rightly concerned about rising material costs and unpredictable supply chains, but both will likely stabilize. A more intractable long-term challenge is about who will do the work to build our homes. This is the big topic in today’s building industry. It’s harder … Read more

Building Your Perfect Custom Home Starts with a Site Analysis

Greg McAninch, chief operating officer, Timberlake Design/Build When you wish upon a star, you may be thinking about finding the perfect lot for your dream home. But it takes more than wishes and dreams to get to the home of your fantasies. Whether you own or inherited a lot or are in the process of … Read more