Beautifying Your Master Bathroom with a Well-Planned Comprehensive Remodel

The Smith Residence - Master Bathroom
The Smith Residence – Master Bathroom

Next to kitchen remodels, master baths are one of today’s most popular home renovations. They offer high returns on the initial investment and add a great deal of value and function to a home. There are several ways you can maximize the enjoyment and investment you get out of your own master bathroom remodel. Here are a few things to consider as you begin planning your master bathroom remodel.

New Fixtures

One of the primary ways that homeowners upgrade a dated bathroom is to change out old fixtures and install newer modern ones – satin nickel has eclipsed chrome as the finish of choice for new bathroom faucets, towel bars and other accessories.  Moving fixtures to new locations and adjusting the overall layout of your bath is a bit more involved, but can be exactly what your bath needs in order to bring more function to the existing space. You may also find that treating your bathroom remodel as a mini-addition offers you a lot more options when it comes to layout and new plumbing fixtures.


A truly comprehensive master bathroom remodel can involve creating a master suite through a proper addition. This gives you the maximum freedom in customizing the end result. You’ll have a little room to work out a perfect design that complements your home’s style while giving you everything you’ve ever wanted out of a luxurious master suite bath.

Luxury Touches

Nothing adds the final polish on your bathroom remodeling project like high-end features and finishes. Select natural stone countertops, beautiful tile floors, and modern fixtures to complete the luxurious and relaxing bathroom you have always wanted. You may also want to consider freestanding spa soaker tubs; ambient lighting or even a new wall mounted HD LCD to transform your new bathroom into a relaxing, private retreat.

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